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Thank you all for sending in such wonderful pictures of your pets!
And thank you for supporting the animals of BARKS!!

Photo Contest Results!

Instead of a winner and a runner up - there are two Grand Prize Winners!

We had one resounding Judges' Choice Winner, and one resounding Popular Choice Winner! Both Winners will receive the prize, a professional portrait of their beloved pet. Artist Valerie Magro has very generously agreed to paint both winners! What a wonderful donation to BARKS, thank you Valerie! (Pet Portraits are a specialty of Valerie's - check out her beautiful work!! Valerie will donate a portion of proceeds to BARKS from any commissioned pet portrait!)


Judges' Choice Winner
Popular Choice Winner
Pet: Hogan
Photographer: Derek Garfield
Pet: Bunker
Photographer: Jackie Pellek

Derek says: His name is Hogan, and he was my favorite dog to date. I've always had dogs, but he had the best mix of playful rambunctiousness and calmness. He always adored the snow and retrieving anything you would throw for him, be it a snowball, stick, or tennis ball. While he always wanted to play fetch for several hours, if I was ill or being a homebody, he would loyally hang out with me, playing the role of an 80lb monstrous lapdog. While he has unfortunately passed, I'm very glad that his photo has come to be appreciated and uplifting for so many folks in the same way that he was to me in person.

Jackie says: Bunker is a 6 year old yellow lab. He seems to be loved by EVERYONE, dog lover or not. Aside from being the love of our lives, Bunker is a K-9 accelerant dog (arson dog). However, more than just determining the origin of a fire Bunker loves to "work the crowd" wherever he goes. My husband Mike and Bunker do demonstrations for schools and community groups. Bunker really likes the belly rubs and love from everyone after any demo. It never amazes me how many smiles he gets wherever we go. Bunker has a gentle spirit and when he isn't working he seems to be an "old soul" which I think is captured in his winning picture. As for being photographed, he is a total ham and poses readily for the camera!


Just before Christmas, Jackie Pellek received her prize of a beautiful pastel painting of Bunker, professionally framed, created by Artist Valerie Magro.

(L-R) Bunker, Jackie Pellek and Valerie Magro at Jackie's home.

And here is Derek Garfield's 'Hogan' - affectionately known as 'SNOW DOG' by some of us here at BARKS, recreated in an oil painting by Val Magro:


Our Judges scored all of the entries blindly, and the highest average scores became our Finalists (see slideshow below). But the judges were also asked to choose the one favorite photo of all the entries that they loved best, that touched their hearts. They all said this was not easy to do with so many great photos!

Here are the Judges' Favorites :

(click on photo to see larger image)
Derek Garfield
(faved by 3 judges)
Mary Peterson
Mae Harrison
Gaby Grohovaz
Sydney Wheeler
Brennan O'Brien

Here is a slideshow of all 13 finalists:

We thank you for participating, whether you submitted a photo, voted, or just enjoyed the wonderful pictures! And thank you for supporting the animals of BARKS!

BARKS is an all volunteer organization. Your donations help provide food and veterinary care for the animals while they wait for their forever homes. Your support is hugely appreciated by all of us! Click here if you prefer to send a check.

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